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Here are some of the comments I've received from clients about how they found our sessions and what impact coaching has had on their lives.

"Kris helped me to set some pretty hefty personal goals which I am working towards, and having these to work towards gives me a reason to jump out of bed everyday."

After a long period of not having direction in my life, I decided to seek out a life coach. This led me to reaching out to Kris and thus began my journey of self discovery. Through our sessions, Kris provided the tools to get a better understanding of who I am and who I wanted to become and what I wanted to get out of life. This led to an increase in confidence (noted by friends and colleagues) and brought back enjoyment in my work life with clear purpose. Thank you Kris, you saved me!


"The list of achievements during our time are too many to mention with every day I continue to grow."

Coaching sessions with Kris have been a positive and surprising experience in self-awareness. Kris’ designed thought provoking exercises unlocked a new chapter for me. An improved understanding of my own personal and professional values and an improved vision for my future. His method of focusing on small achievable results and identifying what success looks like has been key in this development and growth. This growth and self-awareness has really created an excitement within me to continue to push myself beyond my own perceived limitations. The list of achievements during our time are too many to mention with everyday continuing to grow. Kris’ coaching resulted in many ‘AHA MOMENTS’ where things just clicked. I definitely recommend Kris’ coaching as it has made all the difference in both my personal and professional life.


"My mindset has grown and I feel like I’m tapping into opportunities that I never thought of without the power of your coaching!"

Just to say thank you for your time, challenge and support! I genuinely feel like our relationship is adding a massive amount of value to me as an individual, as well as the success of Inspire Ignite.


"Never having life-coaching experience before, I have now firmly put Kris as part of my personal development training program, and look forward to continue working alongside him. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to gain clarity, insight, and perspective in their life."

As an expat Kris is someone I connected with deeply, and immediately. I found Kris at a time where I had finished one major project in my life, and needed a time of self-reflection, and putting back together. Having spent a lot of time on professional training, I realized I also needed internal growth to adapt to a bigger position in life, and work. Kris helped me expand my internal story to match the reality of where I was, and who I am now. Kris meets you on your level, helping you through immediate problems whilst giving you a map for calmer waters. He always greets you with a smile, and by the end of a session will have infected you with happiness as you find yourself smiling, and sorry that your time is up. Leaving you with clarity on what you need to do next with tangible goals and outcomes.


"Working with Kris was awesome. He gave me some really practical and actionable ideas that helped me address an area of my life I had really been struggling with."

He is also an incredibly sweet and compassionate person, who is clearly trained and experienced. If you’re looking for a coach, I would absolutely recommend giving Kris a try.


"We immediately clicked, even though I never met him in person, nor even shook his hand once. He can inspire, support, send good vibes and energy even through the screen."

I was going through a bit of a mid career crisis, when a friend told me how beneficial it had been for him to have regular sessions with their life coach ( Kris! ). Something fell into place, so I approached Kris with a complete open mind: I was curious to find out if and how he could help me out. We immediately clicked, even though I never met him in person, nor even shook his hand once. He can inspire, support, send good vibes and energy even through the screen! Always punctual, smiling, listening to my ups and downs and guiding me to approach my work situation from different angles and providing tools and valuable advice to analyze my findings. Together we've come a long way, more work to be done still, but I know with his help I have started the needed change towards the direction I'm going.


"I have a spring in my step again (something that was missing for a long time!) and am looking forward to the future with a real sense of excitement."

I was initially somewhat sceptical about working with a life coach, but having reached a crossroads in my life I was willing to see if Kris could help. My scepticism has been unfounded. Kris has been instrumental in helping me focus on what I want to achieve in both my professional and personal life. Setting specific but realistic goals and being held accountable for achieving these gives me a renewed zest for wanting to make the most out of life. My sessions with Kris are proving to be invaluable and I look forward to continuing to work with him.


"I think one of the keys to his style of coaching is having fun along the way, which always made me look forward to our sessions and feel positive and motivated afterwards!"

I would highly recommend Kris to anyone looking for an excellent life coach. He has really helped me a lot in many areas of my life and I feel like everything has improved a lot since we started working together. His way of coaching is the perfect balance of support and motivation needed to reach the goals we set up. One of the keys to his style of coaching is to have fun along the way, which always made me look forward to our sessions and feel positive and motivated afterwards, even when I was struggling to overcome certain obstacles from time to time. Really happy with the work we accomplished and by the impressive results.


"After a few sessions my confidence was already on another level, my motivation exceeded even my own expectations, and I am on the cusp of setting up my own business."

After a few sessions my confidence was already on another level. My motivation far exceeded even my own expectations and I am on the cusp of setting up my own business. Kris is highly personable, inspiring and really thinks outside the box. I can't recommend him enough. He offers extremely reasonable rates and has proved to be a superb accountability partner to keep me on track. It's been life changing for me!


"I highly recommend Kris to both newcomers and those that are already familiar with coaching."

I'd never considered a coach before until I was introduced to Kris. All my scepticism was set aside by his calm and methodological approach. Although talking about objectives and challenges can be overwhelming sometimes, our sessions have been effortless. A natural listener, Kris has been really empathetic to my needs and during my time with him I've felt very motivated to come take positive action in a number of areas of my life. I highly recommend him to anybody who is new to coaching and those that are already familiar with it!


"Kris gives me the space to explore my thoughts, often a stream of consciousness, and is always present, listening to everything I say and reflecting back my language and the images that I may not have recognised along the way."

Kris has such strong emotional intelligence and I never feel judged or criticised. This has been very influential in helping me not just focus on my career goals but also my self esteem, recurring patterns in my life and questions around sexuality and sensuality. In fact one of the reasons I was drawn to Kris was his work with the LGBT community. As a gay man I wanted a coach who could understand and empathise with the issues that gay men face, whether from society or self inflicted. He has been a true support for me to reflect and question that area of my life without prejudice or judgement. He has also been instrumental in getting me to challenge and revise the way I approach my career. His positivity and questioning skills have helped me approach new challenges with a renewed optimism and he has helped facilitate me to a place where I have reignited my creative passion that has been missing for some time. I truly look forward to continuing working with Kris.

James M | LONDON, UK

"What I loved about my sessions was that I could talk and he just listened without interrupting. That was really important to me."

A friend of mine recommended I should get in touch with Kris after having hit a bit of a rough patch. The coaching sessions were a really great experience for me as I found out more and more about myself and the people I'm attracted to. I've been applying this new knowledge not in only in my love life but also in my social life. Whenever we met I was encouraged to set up goals for me to achieve by the time of our next meeting. That was really motivating for me. Make progress on the list of things I said I would do made me more active and happy with myself. One more thing that I loved about my sessions with Kris was that I could talk and he just listened without interrupting. That was really important to me.

Michael D | CARDIFF, UK

"At the end of each and every session I felt confident and empowered that I have what it takes to succeed and achieve my goals and I can't thank him enough for giving me this boost!”

Kris a great coach and I find it really easy to talk to him openly about my issues. He's always helped me focus and create clear and manageable goals, something I've always struggled with. This made it much easier for me to work towards them. It also encouraged me to think beyond the obvious and think of new and different ways to move forward instead.

Jennifer R | ABU DHABI, UAE