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I’m glad you’re here. 

Whatever your reasons for considering coaching, it means you understand the importance of investing in yourself.

Maybe you want to advance your career faster or dream about doing something different. Or, you have a big personal decision to make and don’t know where to turn to for objective feedback. 

You may feel uninspired in life and want an extra spoonful of mojo. Or you struggle to answer some existential questions and have no idea which direction to take – or why

Perhaps you dream of starting and growing your own business or a side hustle. If only you knew what that might look like. Or the idea is there, but you just can’t get yourself organised enough to do much about it.  

I can help.

"Kris helped me to set some pretty hefty professional goals which I am working towards, and having these to work towards gives me a reason to jump out of bed every day." Alexander V – SYDNEY, Australia

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Combining Life Coaching And Career Coaching

I’m a life coach and a career coach. For many clients, I wear both hats.

Life and career coaching are linked for obvious reasons. Like it or not, your profession often becomes a big part of your identity. No wonder people are so quick to describe what they do for a living when introducing themselves.

Vice versa, how you show up at work or in your business depends on how well you weather the challenges in your personal sphere. Those challenges change – as do your values in life.

And maybe those values no longer align with the career you fell into when you were younger or the people you now surround yourself with.

By combining life and career coaching, I’ll help you shine a broad light on what’s truly important to you and spur you into action. As a result, you can expect clarity on how to create a greater sense of purpose and impact. We'll also put a practical plan in place and make sure you stick to the right behaviours in the long term.

Your 80-year-old future self may one day thank you for it.

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"The list of achievements during our time are too many to mention with every day I continue to grow."


"Never having had career coaching experience before, I have now firmly put Kris as part of my personal development training program, and look forward to continue working alongside him. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to gain clarity, insight, and perspective in their life".

Anna G | PORTO, Portugal

"After a few sessions my confidence was already on another level, my motivation exceeded even my own expectations, and I am on the cusp of setting up my own business.”


What I Do As A Career Coach

As an online career coach, I help clients develop the insights and skills they need to flourish at work or in their businesses. I encourage them to craft professional identities that match their underlying personalities. I also help them plot a career path that's most closely aligned with their abilities, purpose and interests.

My work as a career coach covers roughly three areas: career development, career transition, and job fulfilment.

Career development

My role involves helping you figure out the right short-term strategies and tactics to ensure you achieve your career goals in the long term. For example, by taking a more structured approach to skills-building, career planning, and networking.

Our sessions will help you gain new insights about your professional brand and how to position yourself. We may also look at developing better habits and organisational skills or growing your leadership talents.

Career change

Clients often contact me feeling demotivated because they failed to develop exciting or viable career alternatives on their own. I will take you through an intensely deep brainstorming process where you explore the overlap between what you're good at, what you enjoy, what the world needs, and what may one day be financially viable.

You'll quickly realise that changing careers is more than just an intellectual process of developing new ideas. Taking on the role of both the dreamer and the realist, I will encourage you to prototype some of your new ideas. I'll also get you to build new networks and leverage your existing skills and experiences.

Job satisfaction

A lack of job satisfaction is a major issue for many clients. This can have many causes: strained relationships with colleagues, too little autonomy, poor work-life integration, lack of motivation and impact, etc.

Changing teams or jobs isn't always doable in the short term, but minor tweaks and mind shifts can make a big difference. Through coaching, we can improve your assertiveness, executive presence and general motivation levels. We can even reframe some of your current objections and find solutions for turning a bad situation around.


What I Do As A Life Coach

As an online life coach ‒ or personal coach, as some prefer – I'll help you design a more exciting and meaningful future.

Personal coaching involves making sense of who you are, where you are, what you want and – importantly – why you want it. My job is to keep you on the straight and narrow when implementing that vision.

Think of me as the helpful stranger you bump into when feeling a little lost. Not the one who'll pickpocket you in a dark alley, but a cheerful soul with excellent orientation skills – and who usually happens to know a great ice cream parlour along the way.

Together, we'll explore any existential and practical questions in an open and non-judgmental way. I'll also help you formulate some of those dreams and goals you've not yet been ready to share with anyone else.

Part of that process will require freeing yourself from others' expectations – family, peers, society, etc. It may also involve learning to trust yourself more by following through on your commitments and stopping procrastination.

There are four major elements in my work as a personal life coach. Sometimes, I take clients through all these four elements chronologically, but you're also free to pick and choose.

Identity and future self

A lot of talent is wasted not for lack of effort, but lack of direction.

You might feel that life is okay, but something is missing – perhaps a sense of security, meaning, belonging, or fun. Or maybe you’re transitioning into a different stage of your life – voluntarily or forced by external events – and you’re not quite sure what to make of it.

Through a process I call wayfinding, I help my clients create a stronger sense of who they currently are, along with a clearer sense of who they'd like to become in the next decade.

Goal setting

As your personal coach, I'll help you identify some of the goals or outcomes you want to see over the next one to two years.

We'll then break down those goals into smaller, manageable milestones while guiding you towards choosing the right priorities for you.

I always make sure you'll commit to specific actions after each session. After all, deeds, not words, will guarantee you build momentum and progress.

Systems and processes

No matter how clear your vision is or how 'SMART' your goals are, you won't make much progress without adopting the right mindset. Indeed, many of my clients struggle with procrastination and prioritisation issues, and that throws up signficant barriers to their success.

Adopting the proper habits, rituals, and environment is vital for success. Doing so will help you create an identity of being a disciplined and consistent person.

As a life coach, I'll help you introduce new behaviours to increase your productivity and help resist the temptations currently keeping you stuck.


If you're looking for a self-proclaimed 'alpha bro' to shame you into action, I will not be the right accountability coach for you.

Indeed, when it comes to accountability, I prefer to treat my clients like the adults they are – clever individuals who are self-motivated enough to pay a life coach to guide them do what's needed, without the need for emotional manipulation.

Pearson's Law says that when performance is measured, performance improves. That's why, as an accountability coach, I'm big on putting systems in place that allow you to keep track of your progress while targeting any areas for improvement.


Coaching Services & Results

I run my coaching practice fully online, so I only speak to clients via video – mostly Google Meets or Zoom.

Coaching online allows me to work with clients across many different time zones. It also means I can hold space for you wherever you feel most at ease – in your office, on your couch, or while you're on the road.

Everyone I work with expects different outcomes and has a unique way of thinking and doing. We usually spend a reasonable amount of time identifying what results you want from coaching during the initial consultation and as part of the first session.

For most clients, that involves clearing up some of the fog first – in other words, figuring out where they want to go next and then coming up with a detailed plan. From there, we focus on making visible and consistent progress towards implementing that plan.

By the end of our sessions, I want you to feel coaching has been a great use of your money, as evidenced by some of the metrics we agreed at the beginning.

Here's an overview of the goals and topics I regularly work on with clients. Do have a look at some of my articles too to get a better idea of what I do.

Getting ahead in your industry or switching careers

  • Career coaching, planning and transitioning

  • Developing and promoting your personal brand at work

  • Preventing burn-out and getting your mojo back

  • Increasing your efficiency and effectiveness

  • Assertiveness and managing your emotions at work

Business Mentoring / Successful Entrepreneurship

  • Getting started as a business owner or freelancer

  • Business planning based on research rather than wishful thinking

  • Designing a location-independent lifestyle

  • Getting past the beginner’s plateau

  • Coping with anxiety and insecurity

Creating your vision for a rich and meaningful future

  • Figuring out what your definition of success looks like

  • Intentionally designing your ‘future self’

  • Brainstorming an exciting and long-term life vision

  • Nailing down your goals for the next few years

  • Deciding on your legacy and future accomplishments

Having higher standards and building better systems

  • Setting deadlines and sticking to them

  • Establishing good habits and tackling procrastination

  • Getting more consistent and measuring progress

  • Having someone to report to in the absence of a boss

  • Accountability coaching – some cheeerleading or the occasional clip around the ear

Exploring some of your existential questions

  • Appreciating who you are versus who others want you to be

  • Living mindfully as opposed to living on auto-pilot

  • Core values. What qualities in life are essential to you, and why?

  • Creating self-trust, and finding evidence that you're good enough

  • Living authentically as part of the LGBTQi* community

Grounded and playful mating, dating & relating

  • Identifying your attachment style and what that means in terms of attracting a partner

  • Finding peace when relationships change

  • Nurturing a greater sense of connection with others

  • Being assertive in relationships and setting boundaries

  • Exploring more resourceful dating, non-monogamy and sex positivity

Injecting further depth into your expat lifestyle

  • Loneliness - finding connection and belonging in your new home

  • Creating a new identity as the ‘trailing spouse’

  • Planning or transitioning towards a career abroad

  • Survival tips for expat relationships

  • Re-adjusting to life back home after years ‘on the road’

Finding peace and quiet in uncertain times

  • Dropping an anchor when the seas around you are stormy

  • Balancing out the need for security with cravings for adventure

  • Finding and talking to that inner voice of wisdom, clarity and compassion

  • Dealing with painful thoughts and feelings in a more resourceful way

  • Getting mindful about the thoughts that hook you into making unhelpful choices

Packages and Rates

My Coaching Style

Whether you come to me for personal coaching, career coaching or developing a better mindset, I always take a pragmatic approach – one that doesn't involve ear candling, unicorns, or a magic wand.

Instead, I use the strategies and tools that will be most effective in your particular situation. These are all based on leading research in coaching, positive psychology, time management, leadership development, and – god forbid – common sense.

An atmosphere of openness, warmth, and total non-judgment is what you can expect from me. In return, I ask for a curious and playful commitment to your growth.

You'll discover that humour and lightness are essential in my work as a coach. A strategically placed dad joke or weird metaphor often works better than most self-help clichés.

And even though I don't have that magic wand, as your accountability coach, I'm more than happy to crack the whip when needed.

How Do I Get Started With Life Coaching / Career Coaching?

Drop me a message with a short description of the challenges you're currently facing and what you're hoping to achieve, and we'll take it from there.

I offer a free consultation to people interested in working with me if I think I can help.

This one-hour call lets me understand some of the results you might be looking for and help us determine if we're a good fit. Hopefully, you'll already get some real value from that discovery call.

Before booking a consultation, please first familiarise yourself with my pricing.

At this point, I only offer packages of five or ten sessions. If you decide to proceed with a coaching package, I'll send you some initial homework, and we can schedule the first few sessions.

Many clients decide to continue after that, but that's by no means a requirement.

I coach Monday to Friday, although my availability may sometimes be limited due to timezone constraints.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book an in-person session?

I live in different locations throughout the year, so I only coach online.

Coaching is a conversational technique designed to help you get specific results. You and I don’t need to be in the same room for that to work well.

Online coaching also means it’s less likely we’ll ever bump into each other. Clients often tell me that me being so far removed from their physical lives makes our work all the more powerful. It means we can build a relationship that is both sufficiently open and detached at the same time.

How much does a session cost?

I offer a package of five sessions and a package of ten sessions. I don’t offer individual sessions until I’ve worked with a client for some time. You can find my pricing here.

How often do the sessions take place?

I usually recommend speaking once every ten to fourteen days for the first few sessions. After that, the frequency often naturally tails off.

I’m not prescriptive, however, so whatever you feel would be a useful frequency. Do bare in mind not to lose momentum in-between sessions.

What does a session look like?

I have a simple structure for my sessions. Start fast, go deep, end strong.

Start fast: we may do a quick review of your highlights and learnings since we last spoke, as well as an accountability check on the actions you previously agreed. We’ll then do some ‘contracting’ around the focus for the session and what you’d like to get out of it.

Go deep: A 60-minute session usually allows for a good amount of depth and time to explore a particular topic. My aim here is to get you to look at an area from different perspectives, getting you to generate as many aha-moments and new learnings as possible.

End strong: I’m an action-orientied coach. While deep conversation is great, it offers little unless you translate it into behavioural changes and action. Each session will end with at least one, often several action points.

Can I record my sessions?

Please do. You can watch and re-watch yourself, tapping into some of the momentum you felt during the session. Doing so offers an unusual meta-perspective, as well as a wonderful way to zoom out – pun intended.

Do I need a therapist instead of a life coach or career coach?

As a minimum, coaching requires relatively decent levels of self-motivation and optimism about the future. For most of us, those levels ebb and flow.

If you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself to do anything, then life coaching or indeed career coaching is not going to be the best solution for you right now. It may best to seek a therapist first and explore coaching again once you feel better and have regained some of that drive back.

Do I need a career advisor instead of a career coach?

Possbibly. I don’t offer specific career advice in the sense that I won’t tell you where to search for new roles or how to re-write your CV or LinkedIn profile. There are probably cheaper ways to find this information than working with a coach.

Also, if you’re looking for sector-specific advice you may be better off working with a career advisor or a consultant, because my focus as a career coach is much more around developing greater professional and personal awareness and insights.

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Sorry to interrupt, but

I send out one short email at the end of each month with a few practical tips on how to develop a more meaningful and exciting life and career.

You'll also be the first to find out about my next group coaching programme and upcoming retreats.

I send out one short email at the end of each month with a few practical tips on how to develop a more meaningful and exciting life and career.

You'll also be the first to find out about my next group coaching programme and upcoming retreats.