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Coaching Services

As an online life coach, I speak to clients via video – mostly Skype or Zoom.

Coaching online allows me to work with clients across many different time zones. It also means I’m able to hold space for you wherever you feel most at ease – in your office, on your couch or on the road.

Everyone I work with expects different outcomes and has a unique way of thinking and doing. That's why after our initial consultation, I plan an individual programme tailored around the tangible results you can realistically expect after five or ten sessions.

For most clients, that involves first clearing up some of the fog around where to go next by coming up with a detailed plan. We can then focus on making some visible and consistent progress towards implementing that plan.

Here's an overview of the goals and topics I regularly work on with clients. Do have a look at some of my articles too to get a better idea of what I do.

Getting ahead in your industry or switching careers

  • Career coaching and transitioning

  • Developing and promoting your personal brand at work

  • Preventing burn-out and getting your mojo back

  • Increasing your efficiency and effectiveness

  • Assertiveness and managing your emotions at work

Starting and running a successful business

  • Getting started as a business owner or freelancer

  • Business planning based on research rather than wishful thinking

  • Designing a location-independent lifestyle

  • Getting past the beginner’s plateau

  • Coping with anxiety and insecurity

Creating your vision for a rich and meaningful future

  • Figuring out what your definition of success looks like

  • Intentionally designing your ‘future self’

  • Brainstorming an exciting and long-term life vision

  • Nailing down your goals for the next few years

  • Deciding on your legacy and future accomplishments

Having higher standards and building better systems

  • Setting deadlines and sticking to them

  • Establishing good habits and tackling procrastination

  • Getting more consistent and measuring progress

  • Having someone to report to in the absence of a boss

  • Some cheerleading, as well as the occasional clip around the ears

Exploring some of your existential questions

  • Appreciating who you are versus who others want you to be

  • Living mindfully as opposed to living on auto-pilot

  • Core values. What qualities in life are essential to you, and why?

  • Creating self-trust, and finding evidence that you're good enough

  • Living authentically as part of the LGBTQi* community

Grounded and playful mating, dating & relating

  • Identifying your attachment style and what that means in terms of attracting a partner

  • Finding peace when relationships change

  • Nurturing a greater sense of connection with others

  • Being assertive in relationships and setting boundaries

  • Exploring more resourceful dating, non-monogamy and sex positivity

Injecting further depth into your expat lifestyle

  • Loneliness - finding connection and belonging in your new home

  • Creating a new identity as the ‘trailing spouse’

  • Planning or transitioning towards a career abroad

  • Survival tips for expat relationships

  • Re-adjusting to life back home after years ‘on the road’

Finding peace and quiet in uncertain times

  • Dropping an anchor when the seas around you are stormy

  • Balancing out the need for security with wanting more adventure

  • Finding and talking to your inner voice of wisdom, clarity and compassion

  • Dealing with painful thoughts and feelings in a more resourceful way

  • Getting mindful about the thoughts that hook you into making unhelpful choices

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